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uBloom Yoga for Special Needs

This program brings yoga to persons with a range of ability levels. We engage the children we work with through their bodies and creative minds in order to focus and relax their state of being. This practice combines yoga, acupressure, Reiki, art, movement, and more help children overcome major obstacles in their development, which can support them in living stress-free, independent lives.

We offer private and group sessions to persons with special needs.

Currently, Prafull Oorja has a team of 15 yoga teachers who work with 500+ children with special needs across Bangalore. We are expanding throughout India soon!

uRise Yoga for Empowerment

uRise Yoga for Empowerment brings Yoga Workshops and Teacher Trainings to rural villages and under-resourced communities.  These programs teach local persons about the importance of yoga for every body and how to bring this healing practice into every day life.

We focus on accessibility and sustainability by creating understandable material and training locals how to teach so they can continue teaching and practicing independently.


Prafull Oorja works with vocational centers and women’s groups to make sustainable yoga products. Our range includes eye pillows, mats, mat bags, and singing bowls. Shop online to receive your order!