Pranams to BKS Iyengar

BKS Iyengar, considered to be the father of modern day yoga, attained samadhi on August 20, 2014.

Though none of our team members studied directly under him, many of the techniques popularized by his knowledge greatly benefit the special children we work with. Himself a frail youth, Iyengarji used homemade props out of bricks and sticks, ropes and tables, to help him stay in asanas in order to strengthen the physical body.

Iyengarji was a stalwart whose message of yoga spread worldwide through his ardent students and his “Light On” series of books.
We bow at his feet as a guru for all budding yogis.

Prafull Oorja Makes National News!

Prafull Oorja is grateful and enthused to announce our article in the nationwide paper The New Indian Express.  Thank you, Avinash Kumai, for taking a personal interest in our work and writing a lovely article for the world to read.  This helps us spread awareness and gain support of yoga for special needs and holistic practices for all!

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Prafull Oorja is a Registered Trust!

Welcome to the World, Prafull Oorja, a newly registered Trust of Bangalore!

We often get phone calls and emails for “Mr. Prafull”. Prafull is indeed our baby, being nurtured for the last few years, and especially the last 9 months, by Sowmya and Madeleine. In the last few months, Sowmya, Madeleine and another member, Shivkumar PS, created the trust deed, using the guidance of an older deed penned by Sowmya’s late grandfather in Calcutta.

On Monday (23 June), we gathered at the Subregistrar’s office on Church Street, Bangalore. With us were Trustees Vaishali Pai, Nelson Vinod Moses and Kishore Kaushal; and witnesses Megha Metha and Harish A.

It took us some negotiating in unknown territory, but with the right  know-how, we got it done.  We are officially a Registered Trust of Bangalore, which legitimizes the work we do and brings more opportunities for our expansion!

We are so excited for this new step in bringing holistic practices to Bangalore, and the rest of India and the world.  Thank you to everyone for helping us make this happen and for the continued support for our growth!

SUPER Summer Camp at Bubbles Center for Autism!

Prafull Oorja conducted two weeks of Summer Camp at Bubbles Center for Autism.  The children and staff enjoyed daily yoga sessions plus crafting with clay, mural painting, storytelling, music time, cooking healthy snacks, water activities, sports, and more!  We had an amazing time watching the creativity and excitement of the children through all the activities.  It was especially inspiring to see their yoga practice when they would sing the songs with us, happily move from one pose to the next, and fully relax for an extended period of time.  Thank you, Bubbles Center for Autism, for the opportunity to organize this camp with you and your wonderful children!  We look forward to more camps with Bubbles and other special schools in the future.

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Time Out Magazine features Prafull Oorja!

Time Out Magazine of Bangalore recently published an article about the exciting and inspiring work of Prafull Oorja.  We are happy to be featured through Time Out and hope this helps us gain support, recognition, and awareness of the benefits of holistic therapies for special needs children.  Thank you Time Out for the great article!

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Prafull Oorja in The Better India!

We are excited to have been recently featured in the online publication “The Better India”.  We are honored to be contributing to making India an even better and more positive space, especially for alternative populations that are often overlooked  with progress and transformation.  We believe in a BETTER INDIA FOR ALL, and we hope this article will reach out to many more individuals around the world who do too!

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Love is Spreading

Prafull Oorja was featured in the New Indian Express of Bangalore.  This is an exciting part of our growth and continued outreach! Thank you, Avinash, for showing interest in our work. Check out the article here:

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Teacher Training Workshops in Bangalore!

Prafull Oorja conducted four Teacher Training Workshops in the last two weeks around Bangalore.  In these workshops we educated yoga therapists, special needs teachers, parents, and other individuals on teaching yoga to special needs children.  We explain what it means when we say “special needs”, what is yoga and yoga therapy, the benefit of yoga therapy for special needs children, and then lead them through the level one practice we teach many of our kids.  All of the trainings were extremely positive experiences, with great response from all the attendees.  We are excited for all the new people that are now prepared to share yoga with special needs children and join us in expanding our vision around the world!


Summer Camp At Bubbles Center for Autism!

Prafull Oorja brings you…

Summer Camp
At Bubbles Center for Autism!

Yoga, Art, Cooking, Sports, Clay, Movement, Storytelling, and More!*

*Sessions will be comprised of 3-4 activities from the list above.

A fun creative space for children to express themselves and celebrate their abilities!

Session 1

May 19-23
Cost: Rs 1500

Session 2

May 26-30
Cost: Rs 1500

Session 3

June 2-6
Cost: Rs 1000


Madeleine Sears


Fill out a registration form,
found in the office of
Bubbles Center for Autism!