Future Projects

Future Projects

Art Therapy Classes

2014: Art classes for children with special needs. We will explore a variety of art forms including drawing, painting, sculpture, and more.

Music therapy

2014: We plan to hold regular music therapy classes to help children connect with their inner selves and express themselves better.

Workshops for Yoga and Special Needs

2014: We plan to conduct workshops for all caregivers, parents and teachers working with special needs. We will speak of the benefits of a yoga practice and how to conduct classes for their own special children.

Traveling yoga workshops

2014: We plan to take our knowledge and expertise to other cities of India and around the world, in order to spread awareness of yoga as service and train people in how to teach yoga to populations in need.

2014: Jos, Nigeria. We have been invited to teach at New Era Foundation and associated organizations and schools in order to alleviate ethnic conflict issues.

2014: Rural Karnataka. Training rural NGO Leaders in yoga practices.