Yoga is for everyone

Prafull Oorja brings holistic practices to special kids and women in rural areas 

Talking with Sowmya Ayyar, Co-founder and Executive Director of Prafull Oorja, is like asking a flower to open up its petals at dusk; it can only happen very slowly and under the right pressure


Prafull Oorja – Yoga for children with special needs

Everyone is aware of the benefits of yoga, but there are only a few who have realized it till now. Among the few are Soumaya Ayyar and Madeleine Sears who have spent several years studying yoga for kids with special needs by fusing therapeutic facets such as music, dance, art into the practice to keep the children interested and engaged. The Prafull Oorja team works with children who have cerebral palsy, autism, arthritis, and other disabilities to bring about a great sense of inner peace, as well as a strong and healthy body.

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Healing Postures

Two yoga therapists from America reach out to extra special children in the city

SOWMYA Ayyar and Madeleine Sears, both US born and raised, were destined to have their paths cross and converge in India through the curative properties of yoga.

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Meet the Team of Two that Helps Children with Special Needs through Yoga

Kami, a yoga teacher was inspired by the power of Yoga when her one year old daughter was diagnosed with hemi-paresis, a mild form of cerebral palsy. Kami enrolled her daughter in a variety of classes like swimming lessons, gym, music, and more. But nothing could bring a change in the situation. She then started sending her to Yoga classes and saw remarkable improvements.

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Yoga is Child’s Play

Sowmya Ayyar and Madeleine Sears, both born and raised in the US, were destined to have their paths cross and converge in India, thanks to yoga. Their organistaion Prafull Oorja is geared towards helping children with disabilities through yoga. The story begins in a quiet neighbourhood in Bangalore.

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Prafull Oorja Makes National News!

Prafull Oorja is grateful and enthused to announce our article in the nationwide paper The New Indian Express.  Thank you, Avinash Kumai, for taking a personal interest in our work and writing a lovely article for the world to read.  This helps us spread awareness and gain support of yoga for special needs and holistic practices for all!

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