About Us


Prafull Oorja Charitable Foundation is a Registered Trust in State of Karnataka (104/14-15), with 80G/12A Tax Exemption Certification. A Bangalore-based organization, Prafull Oorja specializes in providing yoga and holistic practices to under-resourced populations, including special needs children and rural women and youth. Prafull Oorja has two main programs, uBloom Yoga for Special Needs and uRise Yoga for Empowerment. In addition, the organization also provides economic opportunities for some beneficiaries who have become skilled to teach or lead yoga sessions, or create hand-made yoga products.

Prafull Oorja’s therapists currently serve 500+ special needs children in 14 centres and schools across Bangalore in about. The uRise Program has impacted 3 rural communities in South India serving about 200 women and youth in each location. 


In 2011, Sowmya moved to Bangalore, India, and found herself at a crossroads. She had just received her Master’s degrees focusing on Yoga, Domestic Violence, and the Environment. With this realization, Sowmya began working with women and children in Urban and Rural Bangalore, using yoga to work on their various issues.

Soon, Sowmya started teaching yoga to special needs children. Her first child literally walked into her life, one morning in the neighborhood, while he was waiting for his school bus, and she was on a morning walk. The boy’s parents stated that they had been looking for a yoga teacher to support their son with his issues of ADHD/Hyperactivity. Taking the challenge as her Dharma, or responsibility, Sowmya saw that the boy, who once had the energy of Superman, Batman, and Spiderman combined and was never able to relax or even finish a thought, learned to sit in Vajrasana for several minutes with eyes closed, mouth closed, and completely still….all in the span of a few short months!

Seeing this amazing outcome, Sowmya was inspired to take her work a step further and sent out a post on Facebook to see if she could generate interest from her friends. This brought her in contact with Madeleine, who had already planned to come to India upon completing her yoga teaching certification. After a Skype conversation, Madeleine planned her trip to meet Sowmya in India and witness the work first hand.

Over the next few years, Madeleine, aka “Maddie Akka” kept coming back to Bangalore, and became the co-founder of Prafull Oorja, “Radiant Blooming Energy”.


Prafull Oorja’s vision is to share yoga and holistic practices with under-resourced communities in order to empower and enhance their lives and sense of well being.


Implement training programs on yoga and other holistic practices with under-resourced communities including special needs, rural populations, and low socio-economic backgrounds, while simultaneously providing opportunities for growth within the yoga community.


At Prafull Oorja, we believe yoga and other holistic practices are universal rights that should be accessible regardless of ability level, geography, socio-economic standing, caste, creed and other extraneous factors. Holistic practices can serve every body, mind, and spirit of the world. Such practices can plant a seed of transformation within individuals and communities, bringing radiant blooming energy to the world and empowering individuals and communities to live in peace.


Prafull Oorja’s Goals for 2016-17 Fiscal Year include sustainable development through expansion of our programs to new regions, personnel, and economic growth.


Prafull Oorja Core Values are Service, Sustainability, Conscious Community, and Compassion.

Service: Seva

We strive to serve people wholeheartedly and with endless gratitude for the opportunity to share our unique gifts for their unique needs.


We hope to impart yoga in such as way as to create sustainability to those we serve as well as ourselves. We believe that this will allow for the most long-term impact and benefit, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Conscious Community: Sangha

We aim to build a conscious community around yoga. We strive to be mindful and aware of our impact on the universe.


We are guided by empathy and compassion for those we serve. We strive to be wholly present with each living being while serving them.